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Vote up the best reports

You are now able to reward the best reports with Vote Up.

If planet is particularly interesting or if you liked the report you can press "Vote Up" button in planet description. This will help all other users select the best coordinates in the Starbound Universe.

You don't need to log in to do it.

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Koala is Furious

New version of Starbound has just been released. We are ready to receive new reports from you.

If you are able to check if planets in new version still contain the same structures as in previous one please do it.

Here are the Patch Notes for Furious Koala

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Editable planet reports

We are finally able to edit planet reports. Registered users can edit their planet descriptions.

To edit your descriptions you need to go to My planets and click on "edit" link. This might come handy after the wipe. Don't forget to update Game version

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Welcome to

I'm very pleased to welcome you on Starbound Map.

Thanks to your cooperation, this site became the largest source of data about the Starbound Universe.
While we still wait for the final character wipe in Furious Koala version I hope that the use of this database will be as enjoyable for you as it was for me to create it.

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Recently added planets

Alpha Algenubi 07 I C
Forest \ Enraged Koala
Alpha Algenubi Minoris III
Forest \ Enraged Koala
Beta Kraz 86 VI b
? \ Enraged Koala
Beta Kraz 86 VI a
Jungle \ Enraged Koala
Gamma Subra 1583 II e
Jungle \ Enraged Koala
X Alnilam 55 VII
Tundra \ Enraged Koala
X Arietis 6731 VI a
Grasslands \ Enraged Koala
Alpha Alpha Pic 1913 i b
Forest \ Enraged Koala
Alpha Tau Minoris IV a
Forest \ Enraged Koala
Beta Datoa 0988 II
Arid \ Enraged Koala
[Α] Small
Alpha Electrocia 4454 III a
Forest \ Enraged Koala
Beta Gaia 68 II
Desert \ Enraged Koala

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